Objectives & program

Emphasis is placed on expression, understanding and interaction in the many situations of daily life.
A series of communication themes leads students to progressively develop their ability to interact in concrete situations.
The covered themes are those of social, cultural and private life, leisure activities, the professional world, …
The course is given as much as possible in the target language in order to optimize the acquisition of skills.
Language elements such as vocabulary, phonology, grammar and spelling are integrated into the various activities.
The training consists of 2 levels of 120 hours each.

Admission requirements

For level 1 : mastery, in their native language, basic reading and writing skills.
For level 2 : pass a level 1 test.
Be at least 16 years old (15 under conditions).

Course Schedule

Mondays and Wednesdays, 6:00 to 9:00 p.m.

Level 1 : 2/9/2024 to 27/1/2025
Level 2 : 29/1 to 25/6/2025

Title issued

Attestations of success recognized by the French Community.
Language – Elementary level UE1 and UE2.
Correspondence with the CEFR: Levels A1 and A2

Documents required for registration

Identity document (still valid).
The registration fee (Bancontact priority).
A copy of the diploma is desirable but not essential.


Level 1 or Level 2 : 50 € 

août 29, 2018